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Why We Choose to Be a Dog-Friendly Haven at The Ashleigh, Bournemouth

Updated: Apr 16

Growing up in the bustling environment of a bed and breakfast, I always felt surrounded by warmth—not just from the guests and the constant buzz of activity, but also from our family dogs. The Ashleigh, owned by my parents for over 35 years, was not just a business; it was our home, a home shared with a beloved parade of pets that spanned from our cherished Labradors, Ben and Sam, to the noble German Shepherds, Ash and Sky. Our canine family extended further with my sister’s delightful companions: Milo, the golden Labrador; Buddy, the spirited Border Terrier; and the dynamic Dobermans, Lola and Chase. Even now, my parents' loyal German Shepherd, Kane, continues the tradition.

Dog Friendly Bournemouth
Lucy, Ash and Sky

When my parents retired in early 2019, I took the helm at The Ashleigh. It wasn’t long before Jet, a spirited Labrador-German Shepherd cross, joined me, deepening my resolve to transform our traditional B&B into a sanctuary for guests and their dogs. This transition was driven by my lifelong love for dogs, reinforced by the shifting dynamics of the pandemic era, where more families than ever decided to welcome new four-legged members into their homes.

Dog Friendly Bournemouth
Sam and Ben

During lockdown, it became clear how integral these companions had become to families and how challenging it could be to find truly dog-friendly accommodations. Many establishments claim to accept dogs, but often it's more about tolerance than a warm welcome. At The Ashleigh, we aim to be a home away from home—where there are no stringent rules that dampen the joy pets bring into our lives.

Here, dogs aren’t just allowed; they are cherished. We understand that a holiday isn’t complete unless you can share it with your whole family, including your pets. This philosophy is woven into the fabric of our services, from providing personalised pet bowls and cosy doggy blankets to ensuring that each canine guest has space to roam, play, and relax in comfort.

Dog Friendly Bournemouth
Kane and Buddy

Becoming a dedicated dog-friendly hotel in Bournemouth has transformed The Ashleigh, just as dogs transform our lives daily with their companionship and unconditional love. We’ve tailored everything to ensure that both humans and pets can unwind, explore, and enjoy their stay without the weight of worry about the next meal or the comfort of their sleeping arrangements.

At The Ashleigh, we believe in the joy of discovery, the comfort of returning, and the special happiness that only a dog can bring into our lives. This belief drives everything we do and every decision we make. So, when you’re planning your next getaway, know that here, amidst the beauty of Bournemouth, a warm, wagging welcome always awaits at The Ashleigh.

Dog Friendly Bournemouth
Milo and Ash



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