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Exciting News: The Ashleigh, Your Go-To Dog-Friendly Hotel in Bournemouth, Welcomes Guests Aged 12 and Up!

Hello to all our valued guests and future visitors! Big news is coming your way from The Ashleigh, the premier dog-friendly accommodation in Bournemouth. We're evolving to enhance your experience and broaden our community by updating our age policy.

A Warm Welcome to Older Children at Our Pet-Friendly Hotel in Bournemouth:

The Ashleigh, known for being a leading pet-friendly hotel in Bournemouth, is now delighted to welcome guests who are 12 years of age and older. This change is part of our ongoing effort to ensure our hotel meets the needs of all guests, offering a welcoming and enjoyable stay for families and their furry friends.

child and dog in hotel room
Dog Friendly Hotel in Bournemouth

Why the New Age Policy?

As a favoured dog-friendly hotel in Bournemouth, we've noticed that our unique setting is particularly suited to families with older children. Older children typically engage better with the pets and the environment we've lovingly created here at The Ashleigh, making for a harmonious stay for all.

Enhancing the Experience at Our Dog-Friendly Accommodation in Bournemouth:

Our mission is to provide unforgettable experiences for all our guests, including the four-legged ones. By welcoming families with children aged 12 and above, we're opening the doors to more guests while ensuring the tranquil and enjoyable atmosphere of our hotel is preserved, making every stay special.

Family with dog on Bournemouth Beach
Dog Friendly Hotel in Bournemouth

Your Next Stay at Our Pet-Friendly Hotel in Bournemouth:

Planning your next getaway or family holiday? The Ashleigh, your preferred choice for dog-friendly accommodation in Bournemouth, is ready to welcome you. Experience the comfort, joy, and exceptional service we offer to every guest, ensuring a memorable stay for families and their pets.

We're thrilled about this new step and eager to host more families and their pets at The Ashleigh. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we're here to assist with any enquiries or reservations. Discover why we're a top choice for those searching for a dog-friendly hotel in Bournemouth, and let us be part of your next unforgettable trip away.



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