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The Ultimate Dog-Friendly Easter Weekend in Bournemouth!

Hey there, Ashleigh family!

As the Easter weekend hops into view, we're gearing up for a house full of tail wags and happy barks here at The Ashleigh – every room is booked, and we'll be hosting 10 fantastic dogs (and their equally wonderful owners, of course)!

Now, I thought I'd share a few tips on how to make the most out of this Easter weekend in Bournemouth with your furry friend, because let’s face it, it’s their holiday too!

1. Beachside Frolics First things first, the beaches here are a dog's paradise, even in March. While some spots are off-limits during the peak seasons, there’s still plenty of sand for paws to patter on this time of year. Hengistbury Head offers stunning views and dog-friendly walks. Just remember to keep your pups on leads where specified, and you’re all set for a game of fetch by the waves!

2. The Gardens The Central Gardens stretch from the seafront right up to Coy Pond and are perfect for a relaxed stroll. They're a sniffer's delight with all the new spring scents. And if you’re up for it, a picnic by the pond is a must-do!

3. Forest Adventures If your dog loves a good stomp in the woods, Moors Valley is the place to be. With trails galore and plenty of new friends to meet, your dog will thank you with a happy, tired-out pant by the end of the day.

4. Dog-Friendly Cafés After all that walking, you'll need a refuel. Luckily, Bournemouth is brimming with dog-friendly cafés. Check out the Boscanova Café for some hearty brunch options, and yes, they’ve got treats for your pups too!

5. Easter Doggy Hunt And for the main event – The Ashleigh's first-ever Easter Doggy Hunt! We’ve hidden doggy friendly easter eggs around the garden for our canine guests. It’s going to be a sight – just imagine the wagging tails and the eager noses!

6. Chill at The Ashleigh Don’t forget, there’s always the option to just relax in our lovely garden or by the fireplace. Ear plugs are available for anyone who might need a break from the excitement, but trust me, the joy is infectious!

So there you have it, our little roundup of dog-friendly activities in Bournemouth this Easter. For those lucky enough to have snagged a room, we can’t wait to meet you and your pooch. For everyone else, keep an eye on our socials – we’ll be sharing highlights of the weekend's shenanigans!

Here’s to a pawsome weekend ahead!



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